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Wellness Pet Care Program

Trinity Pet Hospital offers a variety of preventative Pet Care Programs, as our commitment to provide high quality care alongside affordable care.

*puppy/kitten wellness program - up to 6 months of age

  • Offer a comprehensive physical exam
  • All vaccinations your puppy/kitten will need yearly
  • Intestinal fecal exam 3 times yearly
  • Unlimited physical examinations
  • Discounts on all other services not covered by the wellness program
  • Spay/neuter with presurgical blood work included

*adult cat/go wellness program - over 6 months

  • Offer comprehensive physical exam
  • Offer heartworm, feline leukemia, aids tests
  • All vaccinations that your pets need yearly
  • Intestinal parasite and fecal exam
  • Unlimited physical examination
  • Some programs include dental cleaning, Urinalysis, thyroid check, x-rays, comprehensive blood work.
  • Discount on all services that are not included in the wellness program.

*canine and feline prevention - semi annual package

  • all vaccines your pet needs
  • 20% off heartworm, feline leukemia, aids, fecal test and dewrom test

A wellness program is another way that Trinity Pet Hospital continues to provide high quality medicine using the latest technology in a friendly and inviting environment. As usual we are providing affordability without compromising quality.